Wine & Food Tasting Tour – Sydney

We began our walking tour of Sydney near Circular quay where we met with our host Janet. She was bubbly and lively from the first word. I knew this tour would be one to remember. Janet entertained us with stories of Sydney back in the era of convicts and then we were off.

We started our wine journey at Wine Odyssey and took part in the aroma challenge. This required the group to challenge our senses to figure out what various scents could be – is it strawberry or passionfruit?? We enjoyed three wine tastings of our choice from a selection of 44 of Australia’s finest wines.

We were quickly back on the road and it wasn’t long before Janet requested our attention in an alley for another fun filled early settler story. She called upon volunteers to help her tell this story and it was very entertaining to see the participants having fun and losing their inhibitions while becoming involved in the story. Many laughs were shared.

As we made our way to Harts Pub, we heard tales of ghosts lurking around the very streets we were walking and learned more about what life was like in the early years. When we arrived at Hart’s Pub, we move into one of their relaxed lounge style rooms where we all sit and chat about the tour so far – I am pleased to hear fantastic feedback about both Janet and the tour in general.

We were treated to crunchy wedges and tasting paddles of different beers – absolutely delicious and this is coming from someone who doesn’t drink beer often. The atmosphere is fantastic and we all enjoyed more stories from Janet and chat amongst ourselves about which beer we liked the most.

We made our way to the Four Seasons and were entertained with further stories about the area. I was amazed by Janet’s knowledge and enthusiasm throughout the entire tour. We finished the tour with a selection of gourmet tasting plates. My choice was the lightly seared scallops with a lemon and dill sauce. They were absolutely mouth wateringly delicious. I enjoyed every single mouthful.

This turned out to be the most entertaining, humorous and tasty walk around the city I have experienced to date.

By GoDo team member, Michelle

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