Sunset Cruise – Cairns, QLD

I arrived in Cairns and had a full day to explore the town, grab some food, and buy some gifts for the family back home. After walking around for in the hot sun for hours on end, it was an absolutely pleasure to relax on a smooth sailing sunset cruise.

Upon arrival, I was greeted at the kiosk with a warm smile and handed my ticket. I made my way over to the Jetty to board the Croc explorer. The line was lengthy as other guests were beginning to board and I was one of the last to get there.

Once on board, the crew was welcoming and gave us a quick safety briefing. My attention was immediately drawn to the bar and the snacks that were handed out. Plenty of crackers, cheese, pretzels, and salami. I grabbed my complementary beer (or wine/soda/champagne if you prefer), scooped up some crackers and sat down outside.

The weather was great, the breeze was cool, and the sights were magnificent. I got to see some incredible views of the sun hitting the water as it set for the day.

There was seating available inside or outside on the upper deck – however I recommend standing on the back deck at the bottom. Here you get great views and people tend not to crowd the area.

Overall the cruise was very relaxing and enjoyable. It’s the perfect way to start out an evening – a great way to impress if out on a date without breaking the bank – only $29 for this amazing experience. That being said, I do highly recommend coming with a friend. Nearly everyone there was with their spouse, so being a 21 year old guy whose girlfriend is on the other side of the world made for a slightly more solemn (yet still peaceful) experience.

By American adventurer and GoDo team member, Andrew

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