Sober Karaoke in Sydney CBD

The name says it all.  You would think that sober is to karaoke as chalk is to cheese.  But nothing stops the GoDo crew, not even 31 days off the grog for Dry July.  Our mate Murray from the Karaoke Bus Sydney kindly took the team for a lunchtime spin around the Sydney CBD.

Karaoke Bus Sydney

Haakon, Mel, Leah and Duncan brace themselves (our faithful driver Murray in the window takes his job very seriously)

The trepidation that you are met with when you enter a karaoke bar is not unlike the nerves we felt as we walked toward the bus.  But, Murray, the ever professional tour operator, didn’t skip a beat; Grease Lightning is already blearing from the speakers as we fill the bus and settle into our circa 1973 blue vinyl bus seats.  Were it not for this classic filling the bus and vibrating the floors, we would have been listening to crickets and I grab the microphone and ask my peers who would like to start us off.

Silence. Silence, and, of course, Grease Lightning.

I’m a professional at this; I spent enough time in Japan in my youth frequenting the karaoke boxes, sussing out the best all-you-can-drink packages and stumbling home hoarse at 5am. But admittedly it’s been a long time since I did this. And I don’t remember the last time I didn’t do it primed to the gills with beer and plum wine spritzers.  Moreover, I had thought until now I had kept a rather low profile in the office, and no doubt this was all about to come undone.  Give me a microphone, and you may as well call me Mr(s) Hyde.

I start singing.  I don’t know Grease Lightning well, but I sing it anyway.  The odd whistle comes from the team.  Someone starts clapping; and it gets too much for our software developer Duncan, who grabs a microphone and starts singing with me.

And it’s on.  The crew start charging up the front of the bus, putting in their requests, tapping their feet.  Before we get to the Rocks, members of the team are swinging from the roof-to-floor pole that’s placed conveniently in the middle of the bus toward the back, dancing like it’s 1999.

The GoDo Crew rocking out

They’re clamouring for the microphone now – the contageous nature of karaoke proven again.

The sound of inhibitions being tossed aside filled the streets of Sydney as our crew of 15 sober GoDo team members and friends belted out the following classics:

Grease Lightning
Bad to the Bone
Eye of the Tiger (Murray, you wouldn’t be a real karaoke bus without Eye of the Tiger)
Call me Maybe
Like a Virgin
I Gotta Feeling
I had the time of my life

As the tunes flowed, the team scrambled to grab a microphone one after another.  Someone makes a terrible mistake by putting the GoDo GM Renee’s favourite Moves like Jagger before her performance review has taken place, but like a true champ the boss is up and singing it with marketing coordinator Lauren, who swore she wouldn’t be singing today, nail it – Adam Levine would have been impressed.

Here’s Lauren singing Maroon 5 – and singing Satisfaction by the Rolling Stones – and crooning the pop hit Call Me Maybe. Lauren, not the shrinking violet she assured us she’d be!

The time we weren’t crooning, bopping and grooving, the team spent waving to the normal folk on their lunch breaks in George Street. One guy looked incredulously at us, looked down to check his watch, and looked back as us.  Yep, it’s 1.30 on a Thursday. Yep, that’s a bus full of crazy karaoke singing cats.

You would never have thought you could have more fun in one hour at work, on your lunch break. Murray is inspired to go back to the office and put together some team building 1-2 hour packages.  Traditionally, Murray caters for hen’s shows, has customised his tours to include other activities such as go karting add ons for bucks shows, and even hosted an 80th party last week.  Yep, that’ll be me at 80.

We were sad to finally see the bus pulling in at Wynyard Station, and sweaty, hoarse and high on life, we piled out of the bus and back towards the office.  Put perfectly by Duncan as he settled in back at work: “There’s something intoxicating about karaoke… I feel the hangover kicking in now.”

Who needs the booze?  GoDo’s high on toonz.

To book this bus-full of fun, head to  If you’re looking to customise this activity, give the team a call on 1300 46 36 48 and we’ll help you build your perfect Karaoke Bus experience.

Click below to view the GoDo Crew rock out to the karaoke classic Eye of the Tiger. WARNING: This video might not actually contain anything that resembles singing. Please lock up your dogs before listening to this video.

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