Sydney Whale Watching

Seeing the whales in the wild has been sitting right up the top of my bucket list for years. A mere glimpse of one of these majestic creature, perhaps a flipper or even a boat rocking flip on a lucky day … any sighting of a whale would be a big tick off my ‘must dos’.

You can imagine my excitement when the opportunity to do some list ticking came my way. After weeks of stepping over puddles here in Sydney, we were blessed with the most spectacular weather Monday this week. The whale Gods were shinning upon us! I headed off to Wharf 9, King Street Wharf Sydney to meet with Tony, the owner of Australian Spirit Sydney Harbour Cruises, who was to kindly take us out for a Half Day Eco Whale Watching Cruise.

Sailing out of Sydney Harbour is an experience which never fails to make me proud to be Australian. The Opera House and Harbour Bridge glistened against the clear blue sky set as the Aussies on board proudly boasted about our spectacular country to international tourists on board.

As we continued our journey out past Sydney Heads in search of the giants of the sea, the boat filled with anticipation. All eyes were glued to the ocean expanse in front of us. Everything inside of me willed the whales to make themselves known.

Two and a half hours passed with not even a spurt.

Finally – 750 metres off Maroubra beach, two whales burst to the surface. We couldn’t contain our excitement. Rushing over to the side of the boat, everyone “oooooed” as the graceful giants came up for air and then disappeared into the deep blue once again. Getting as close as legally allowed, we followed the whales for another few hours. The sight of the mother and calf never failed to impress all who intently watched their every move.

The setting sun signaled the end of a spectacular day out on the water. Reluctantly, we waved the whales goodbye and headed back to the Harbour as a stunning sunset welcomed us home.

Although we felt we’d been out on the boat for an eternity, it’s a drop in the ocean (excuse the pun!) compared to the time the whales spend migrating from the chilly Antarctic waters up to Far North Queensland to mate. Once they’re done, they turn around and make the long journey all the way home. The whales will be journeying past Sydney up until mid to late July, and returning to local waters in September. If you can’t catch them on their way up, you may be able to catch them on their way back down the coastline! Whatever you decide to do – don’t miss seeing the beautiful giants. It’s one on the bucket list everyone should tick off.

By GoDo team member, Gemma

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