A Moreton Island adventure to remember

I started my Full Day Moreton Island 4WD Eco Adventure bright and early at 7am as we made our way from Brisbane to the wharf. We arrived at the absolutely stunning Moreton Island and were greeted by a pod of manta rays just near the shore – what a treat!

The only mode of transport around the island is by 4WD. We travelled down the Western side of the island and were lucky enough to get up close to the local bird species.

Our adventure turned into one of pure adrenalin as we entered the sand dunes and were given a rectangle of fun and shown by our guide how to get the best results when it comes to mastering sliding down the dunes on one’s backside! The group made our way to the top of the sand dunes and got ready for a much quicker descent.

I tried my luck with a surfers pose and naturally came crashing down in the surprisingly soft sand with absolutely no pain. I eagerly ran to the top and slid down again but this time I managed to stay standing. We had plenty of time to slide down the sand dunes as many times as we wanted before heading to the Five Hills lookout where I saw some of the most spectacular beach views I have ever witnessed.


Our next stop is the Blue Lagoon where we relaxed and enjoyed a cooling swim as our lunch prepared. It was so peaceful laying there and swimming around with no waves in the crystal clear water.

After enjoying a delicious picnic style lunch, we explored more of the Island taking in the picturesque landscape. We arrived back at the wharf with extra time so as an added treat were able to go for another swim but this time in front of the magnificent shipwrecks of Moreton Island. I was lucky enough to catch a glimpse of an abundance of fish and star fish – very much a highlight of the day!

We made our way back to the wharf and enjoyed a relaxing ferry ride back to civilization away from the relaxing and spectacular Moreton Island. What a fantastic day enjoying the beauty of nature and a great way to see the beauty of this pristine part of the world.

By GoDo team member, Michelle

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