Blue Mountains Abseiling & Canyoning Tour

So our Blue Mountains Abseiling and Canyoning Tour begins with an early start and coffee then red bull! I think I’m ready for what today may bring!

Upon arrival to River Deep Mountain High in Katoomba, we are fitted for wetsuits and given dry bags which help keep you afloat and a funky looking canyoning back pack. Once kitted up, we’re off to tackle Rocky Creek and Sheep Dip Canyons!

After a quick but scenic bush walk, we splash our way down waterfalls and wade and swim our way through the water filled canyon and wow its cold!

I am quickly taught the “canyon dance” which basically requires you to fist pump the air while bouncing your knees up and down therefore making you toasty warm again, and I find myself being the one doing the canyon dance the most.

Quick tip if you are prone to the cold, bring a thermal to wear underneath your wetsuit – works like a treat! And if all else fails – CANYON DANCE!


We arrive at a small waterfall where you need to step into the water with your right leg then use your left leg on the other side of the rock as you left, right, left, right your way to the bottom.

So I’m up and “ah what do I do?” I ask. To which the owner, Craig responds with “right leg just here, you’ve got this”. At this point my best friend, Renee who is on the trip with me looks over as I place my right foot which then completely disappears. Yep that’s right I basically jumped down the front of the waterfall after slipping! Don’t worry, I was fine I landed in the water and gave Renee a good laugh.


We finish this section by abseiling down the side of a larger water fall to which I am much more careful on. And then it’s time for lunch – a platter of meats, salad, bread rolls, fruit, dips and crackers to which we happily devour.

We continue our canyoning journey jumping off small cliffs, sliding down waterfalls, wading and swimming through the water. 

And we get a special treat Renee and I get taken to a more secluded section further down where we had to squeeze through tight spaces and swim through caves on our backs – clearly these are places few dare to go!

We head back through the canyon and up a few waterfalls we’ve just been down which is much more challenging and my muscles are feeling it. In saying that if you take it easy, this is an experience anyone with basic fitness can do but I tend to run and jump and exert more energy than the average person so naturally get more tired.

We finish our day with chocolate on the way back to the River Deep Mountain High headquarters. All in all, it was an absolutely spectacular scenic and unique experience for anyone wanting to get close to nature and push their limits. This comes with a big tick of approval from me!

By GoDo team member, Michelle

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