Leap of Faith – part 2

My dad and I were on such an adrenalin-rush, so we decided that we wanted to do an AJ Hackett bungy jump for a second time. I thought that the second time would be less scary, but once I got to the top and started getting into my harness, I was definitely just as scared as the first jump.

I asked the staff members if I could touch the water this time, and then I waddled out to the edge of the platform and turned around, because I made the daring and slightly crazy decision to do a back dive off the platform this time. I began to doubt myself again, like I had before my first jump. I finally let go of the handles and counted down, 3,2,1 and jumped! Jumping backwards was a whole different experience and I even touched the water with my hands, head, and shoulder. I tried my best to scream a little less and a little quieter during the second jump, but I don’t think I was very successful.


As I stood next to my mum and looked back up towards the top of the platform, I saw my dad leap off the platform down towards us. He chose to be on the safe side and just do another swan dive – he is a few years older than me after all.

We went back into the office area and got our bungy t-shirts and looked at our videos and pictures, which were really cool with music and commentary included, so we decided to purchase them. Then, we hopped back on the bus and headed back to our hotel. But for the rest of the day, I could not stop talking about the thrilling experience I just had at AJ Hackett. My dad and I have decided that bungy jumping is our new hobby, and we have been researching where we want to take our next “leap of faith.”


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By GoDo intern, Sammy

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