A Trike Tour through the Harbour Bridge and Eastern Suburbs of Sydney

For the 4th week of Movember the GoDo team have decided that we need to do something special. So special that your Mo will get blown away by it! A TRIKE TOUR through the Harbour Bridge and Eastern Suburbs of Sydney!

A Trike Tour with Ajun, Duncan and Sonia

A Trike Tour with Ajun, Sonia, Trevor and Duncan

Duncan, Ajun and I had this awesome trike motorcycle waiting for us just in front of our office building – what a service. We were introduced to our friendly and very authentic looking supplier Trevor who had all the necessary gear – helmets, leather jackets and sunglasses – ready for us. I left my sunglasses in the office, unaware that that is the one thing you want to wear while riding the bike.

Ready to go!

Ready to go!

After a short photo op with the trike bike, we set off on the thrill ride. I have never ever ridden a motor bike in my life, so sitting on the back of a roaring motorcycle was quite intense! People on the streets were waving at us, smiling, and probably wondering what is going on.

We roared from Wynyard off to the Harbour Bridge. Once on the bridge, the trike bike could speed up faster than in the streets of Sydney. Wow! The pressure of the wind just squeezed us into the back of the seat! It was so powerful. I’ve had all those flashbacks to Harry Potter on Hagrid’s bike in my head, haha. I was so glad that Trevor loaned us his thick leather jackets as even though the weather was fine off the bike, during the ride it got a bit chilly. Thanks Trevor!

Seeing the Bridge in style

Seeing the Bridge in style

We drove past Milson’s Point and Lunapark to get to see the amazing view of the Sydney Harbour Icons – the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House. This is a stunning location for photographs and definitely a spot to pick if you would like to see these from a different angle.

During the whole drive, Trevor kept telling us lots of stories and also the quirky stuff about the places he is driving you through. He definitely knows Sydney and its hidden alleys well.

From the other shore of Sydney we drove back through the bridge over the Circular Quay Station, past Hyde Park and down to Woolloomooloo (here, I have never typed this word before, I had to count my l’s and o’s :-).

We have stopped at Mrs. Macquarie’s chair and had a look on yet another stunning view of the Harbour. If you would like to see Sydney Harbour from various locations, this tour is it. If you fancy a longer trip on the trike, you can continue all the way to Watsons Bay and Dover Heights to see even more of the Harbour and the Bridge and Opera from different distances. Trevor will sure be happy to take you there.

Next we drove through Potts Point. I really did appreciate to see Sydney this way. On the trike you get to see so much more than in a car because it doesn’t have a roof and it is much more fun than riding a bike because you can look around or take pictures.  Also, unless you are driving a really expensive car you won’t feel so cool as we did. Plus you get the free commentary.

By the time we got to Kings Cross I felt like a famous bikie on a trike, in my leather jacket and sunnies and it was quite cool to be on it and to wave to people. It is definitely true what it says in this activity description: ATTENTION GRABBING!

There are so many options for the rides to pick from: Trike Tour through Eastern Sydney, Northern Beaches Harley or Trike Tour or Harbour Bridge and Tunnel Trike Tour.

This is definitely an extraordinary and thrilling experience. You can even go on a  Hunter Valley Trike Tour – Taster around some exquisite wineries and chocolateries on a trike!

I am so glad I did this experience. It was so much fun and we had such a great time. On the back of the trike bike we saw Sydney as never before. If you are after an unforgettable and exhilarating experience book a trol trike ride 🙂

Duncan checks his wind swept mo

Duncan checks his wind swept mo!

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One Response to A Trike Tour through the Harbour Bridge and Eastern Suburbs of Sydney

  1. Kat says:

    I have been on a Troll Tours trike ride and given a few gift vouchers as presents. It was fabulous fun, we still talk about it years later. I recommend them to everyone.

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