The last day, the first day

For my final night of alcohol fuelled revelry I decided to drag my housemates to our local for a nice pint…or two (as my Dad says, “a bird never flew on one wing”).  Being of Irish heritage, I was delighted to discover that Guinness was on special until the end of the month! This was surely a sign from above that I was to enjoy the final indulgence and steel myself for the month ahead. The old “Guinness for strength” campaign sprang to mind!

It was a very pleasant evening, with live music, good company and a couple of very nice pints. There was even a crisp chill to the air and a grand soft rain. For a brief moment I could have mistaken it for home! I asked my housemate to document the momentous occasion. She took a photograph of me, my final bevvie and what she pointed out was “a pensive cherub”, my guardian angel for the month. The worried expression on his face clearly indicates that he thinks he has a tough job ahead!

Guinness for strength!

Guinness for strength!

While I’m excited to feel better, be healthier, give my bank balance a break, do some awesome activities and help out a charitable cause (PHEW), there is one thing that’s been annoying me. July rather unhelpfully kicks off on a Friday this year. Being a long time proponent of Friday night drinks, I’m finding what I like to call this “calendar malfunction” very unfair. Friday is the perfect day for an after work beer, the evening made to indulge in a tipple and recount the various victories and calamities of the preceding week. The office fridge is stocked with supplies and the boozy Friday lunch crowd is counting down the last couple of hours to the weekend. Not for me this Friday. Instead I’ve grabbed a delicious orange, carrot and ginger juice. I’ve also dusted off my trainers and I’m going to step back into the wonderful world of the gym. If I don’t immediately evaporate upon crossing the threshold (yes, it has been that long), I look forward to being one of the few people who will wake up early tomorrow morning with a smug expression, a clear head and the novel intention of actually doing something with the day.

The office fridge and the Dry July alternative

The office fridge and the Dry July alternative

Read more about Dry July, The Prince Of Wales Hospital Foundation or, if you’re feeling generous, go right ahead and donate.

You can also follow the GoDo goings-on on Facebook, Twitter or visit GoDo and find your own fun alternatives to sitting in a dingy pub this Dry July.

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